Sabtu, 01 Mei 2010

++ SQUARE STUDDED POSTMAN BAG with Sensation Delight ++

One time ago, I received my order at Reshoppe.
Love it, Love it...

top-X.M.L/Skinny jeans-Legs/Tank top-Nevada/Bag-Reshoppe/Shoes-Wondershoe/bross-Keranjangbelanjabyema

at Pizza Hut Kemang...

like red baloon much...

Smile Mushroom Pizza

me and moly

that was a mad journey i think,
actually, i have not gone to Kemang district
that day, Moly and I wanted to trip at KFC Kemang, we`re looking for the positioning but we didn`t find our destination. sad! however, we enjoy our mad journey much.
don`t patient waiting the next mad journey, hoohoo

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Felicia Marcellina mengatakan...

well your english is good too!
don't envy me, but thanks!
it's not a matter of age, it's a matter of will.
don't give up, because learning is as long as you;'re a live! =D

love your post too !

aishi lely mengatakan...

online shop yah..kemarenbaku juga beli tas ransel.. hehehe

jaket yg dipake lucuuuu..unik^^

mo tukeran link?? seneng deh klo kita bisa saling komen.. bikin semangat blogging^^

@aku suka semua warna, kebetulan ja story book merah hehe

K E M A Y U mengatakan...

@felicia: hhmm, yes i agree with u! it`s not about age, but it`s about will! keep spirit!

@Aishi: ka,, aku udah follow km =)

Natassya mengatakan...

I like your new bag :)


K E M A Y U mengatakan...

natassya: thanks nat, =)

Wulandari mengatakan...

itu celana jeans nya warna apa yaa?baguus deh,plus sweaternyaa,cantiiik :) Btw,aku jg pernah foto pake balon2 itu di pizza hut,lucu yaa :D

K E M A Y U mengatakan...

@wulandari: acid jeans say, my DIY project. hehe
makasih. and that is so fun mad i think,, haha

ye55i mengatakan...

What a nice bag! =)

michelle_ mengatakan...

i love your bag !
many thanks for the sweet comments..

glisters and blisters

Jade "Purple" Brown mengatakan...

i love all of the studs!

Nathalie Kartika Putri mengatakan...

heyy thanks for your comment ya :)
oh my God!!! your bag is sooo cute

XD nathalie

K E M A Y U mengatakan...

michelle_: thx girl

nathalie: wlcome, and thx for dropping by! =)

ideku handmade mengatakan...

another cool fashion blogger :)


indah novrinta mengatakan... look like a 5 years old kid when you wear red baloon hat.

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