Kamis, 13 Mei 2010

Take a Pic with Lech Walesa

me and Lech Walesa, A great Man.

it`s so amazing moment dear.
u know what! last day, while i`ll take a pic of Walesa, Receiver of The Peace Nobel and The Former President of Poland for blogging, he came to me, and he took my phone and then ordered it to her assistant
for taking a picture of mine with him.
i`m so proud of him, and so happy for that moment.

this is the invitation:

for more information about the Biography of Lech Walesa, click this!
and more information about that event, Lech Walesa at Paramadina, click this!

4 komentar:

♥ria♥ mengatakan...

wah asiknya foto sama orang terkenal ^___^

Jazz Muhammad mengatakan...


tai kasian yang di belakang, masa kau ilangin begitu aja...sih..

dsy mengatakan...

hello.. woow what an opportunity!!

kristiyana shinta mengatakan...

asiiikkknyyaaa rameee dong kuliahnya :)

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