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Finally, I am on abroad!

Finally, I am on abroad

By: Ema Hari Ervita Sari

“if you have a reach, you should have a promise to abroad since now. You must go abroad in bachelor, not in magister.”

There is strategic words from Mr. Wija that I always remember when he gave a speech in Evaluation Meeting PF 09/10 last time. The words could motivate me to go on for better dream, better achievement as long as I being a student in bachelor. But, sometimes I felt so pessimist when I was aware that my soft skill on English is just like an elementary degree, not good enough. I thought, I could learn more about English if I really go to abroad. Why? If my reason is my English which is not good enough because I am too shy to practice here, I would not be shy to practice there because the society would understand that I am foreign who learn about it. The question is “Is there an exchange program or summer camp that can be followed without English test or TOEFL test?

When I was still in my dream of that , suddenly I got an SMS from my captain of traditional dance club that filled in about: ‘ema, would you like to follow dance festival at Poland?’ I am so surprised and did not believe that. But Alhamdulillah, God might give me a chance through this way. And finally, I could reach my dream to be aboard this year. Yeah!

I was so happy. The requirement for this event was so simple, parent permit and an agreement to collect some money, 4 millions rupiahs if cash from sponsorship could not complete the target. I was optimistic about it. I called my family at Malang, I told all story and the requirement. And the result, I did not get a permit. They did not agree, there were many priority needs that was more important than to complete my dream. Their reason could not be agree by me. They did not consider my dream and the positive result of this event. This festival opened my way to learn something new I’ve never get before. So I did not want to debate anymore. I made a decision soon: ‘I would go to abroad, only by their permit, anything that I needed on next time would be finished by my self’. But I thought that on my 19th, I might not be in safe area, comfort area or some words like that. I had to dare to take a challenge, and this was my decision fortunately my parents allowed me.

I spent the every single time happily. Everyday I get exercise for my dance from 7 p.m. o`clock until midnight. While waiting conformation from sponsorship, on weekend we were fundraising with effort everything we can do. There were selling cakes and drinks at Monas, Senayan, Ragunan, etc. We opened a stand at lobby Paramadina to sell “kriuk” snack for raising the budget about 400 millions. Physical and mental struggles we had done to achieve my the common goals

Day after day time passed away, the times coming closer. Next one half a month we leave at Poland, how do the proposal which we have applied? There were not confirmation. My heart beat faster everyday. I was worried when we got an SMS from Mr. Wija that we had to more seriously and keep spirit for fundraising because what he have done couldn`t got the maximum progress.

Practice that day was very empty heart. The dances were not life in our heart. When Mr. Mija knew it, he gathered us soon and made a speech:

“eeemm friends, this afternoon I have been meeting and doing presentation at some of sponsorship. I hope you are more spirit to exercise and effort harder in fundraising. Because actually my heart was biter than yours for this activity”, said him calmly. (all of the T-ta`s members face were vague, not have the aura of life because Mr. Wija whom we hope to help us on fundraising made a negative statement. A second minutes….

He said,” we have to thanks to God, yesterday OCBC NISP had given us some money. And today, PT Rajawali Foundation have agreed to give us some, Grand Indonesia will give some, and you have to more spirit because Djarum Bakti Sosial will give some dollars for us.”

We were so surprised happily when heard it. Thanks God, crying, hugging, warmly atmosphere that was so beautiful view that night. We thanked to Mr. Wija and Mrs. Nara who have helped us at behind for raising our success.

Noisy cheers gratitude reverberation at that place(the “taman peradaban”). Our spirit come up, the soul of our dance was life. Based on that news, we would exactly go to Poland. We needed a little bit again to reach our goal.

Next month. Our physic condition were down . Each other gave spirit was the key for that situation. We felt that we were unity needed understanding and keep the goal. In that condition, our solidarity beat the egoistic. More than it, heart press that was probably felt by some of members because a quarter of budget is taken responsible on each of T-ta`s members. I was also very depression while I knew that my life here was no family and I must got a solution alone.

But, long time depression was not effect me. I was optimistic, and one by one of the way were opened. I was listing all of likelihood that I could do it for getting some money. This was interesting. While I have class with a lot of exercise, dance practice that was so empty the energy, I still thought about paying some money at stage 1, July 15th for completing the ticket charge. One of effective step that I thought was using my network to find private donator. I was listing the potential ones, and starting to call the alumnus of Paramadina, NGO, my senior high school friends, my senior high school headmaster, and the last was my senior high school community at Jakarta, AMISA.

I called them one by one. One day, when I called Mrs. Yulia, I got a positive respond. Alhamdulillah, she provide to be my donor. I was thankful for her. Day after day, by one time leisurely to call my senior high school community member at Jakarta, Mr. Sony. Sending an SMS, and I don`t believe that next minute I got a call from him. He gave a positive respond and I met him soon at his office.

I went to his office at Mega Kuningan next day. We talked many things like a father and his daughter. Warm atmosphere was built and our first meeting was successfully. I got some money from some meeting with him and his friend, Mr. Wisnoe who was also my senior high school community member. I was so happy ever to recognize them. I wish our relationship was still exist till the last life.

Some kind persons who have helped me were so relieve my responsibility, even though I also had to take my saving and borrowed some at my college cooperation. But, that did not make me worry because all of my decision has been predicted by me. While I come back from Poland, I exactly have some money to lend them because a Poland, we hold an exhibition about many kind of Indonesian handicraft.

The last but not least, I was so happy because I have been deciding something correctly for my life. Although some conflicts one by one were coming almost at the same time, I was regularly thanks to God because this was my process for 20th at next year. The results that I found liked a pearl in Pacific. And I was still hope and grapple for finding another pearl in another sea.

Thanks to:

GLOBE Media Group, OCBC NISP, Djarum Bakti Pendidikan

GRANlD INDONESIA, Rajawali Foundation

Bringin Life, Scorpion Holidays, Sister Magz, Republika

dan semua rekan yang telah mendukung even ini

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