Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

Listing Down

Top 11: The best things, the best accidents, the most i liked, has occurred in 2010:

1. I got cumulative grade point up to 3.91, though in Short Semester i just got 3.3 point.
2. I have been connecting again with my little silly sweetie friend, who had lost for 4 years from that time, March 2010.
3. I got my focuses, I found my soul in my life, dance!
4. At the first time I was going abroad. Poland, you were the first and be the best for always. I never lost you in my heart for always.
5. I got some new kind friends, Ukrainian, dasha and ira, my lovely twin (ira called me like that because we had the same day on birthday number, haha)
6. I met my little silly sweetie friend twice at September, before I came back to Jakarta. Nice memories i thought, remembering the moment that we sat at false number at the movie, dropped in our Junior High School and gave him a twin Cloth (with me) from Poland which was written down:'Seek to tell the Love, love which never told' and i didnt aware and find it before..haha
7. I found that i was into him, nearly!
8. I miss all of my family and friends at the last of the day
9. I was successfully be an accounting in Paramadina Congress of Student union.
10. I got the first wage at this year from BPH migas. And second wage was from LP3ES as researcher.
11. I could give my lovely mom a birthday gift and make her affected with my birthday video for her which I made by my self.

may be many things again was too long to write down, but at least they could be representation of my Best feeling in 2010.
hope at 2011, i would get the better ones, more vary, and mare differently. :))

Keep fire on! 2011!

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