Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

Photo Fun Session

this happened when we wanted to be participant in HC Quiz 'Photo Competition' was held by Hijabers Community

this is the fun session:

these showed that i could ride the bike, haha =))
in these photos: kemayu, pipin, anggi, ipeh

it`s time to be 'narsism'! haha =D

since long time i have never been and felt fashionable, finally that`s time i was be...

and the end of this fun session, we passed trough second round with this photos:

last words for you dears, have a fun session for everyday! =D

3 komentar:

rasbunawas mengatakan...

kemayu, follow blog gw yak (lagi belajar bikin, telat yak gw. haaa)

Dhillaz mengatakan...

ancen ayu !:)

K E M A Y U mengatakan...

rasbun: iyo iyoo, udah ku follow kok rasbunawas,

mb Dillaz: *GR! haha

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