Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

I am YEP! (YouthEmpowering!)

YEP! and JASEAN were in Youthfest ID at gelora bung karno, senayan

Long time no write here.
I am go back now with the new project. YEP! Youth Empowering!
it likes a social movement with young spirit. there, We do everything we wanna do just like expressing our creativity, spirit, social needs, etc.
And one of many things that made me surprised is that YEP! people was opened to everyone, we could express our character without 'sungkanisme'. No one can be stronger, higher, smarter, etc. than the other. because of that, i enjoy to join YEP!
YEP! makes me feels free.
Thousands thumbs up to YEP! =))

YEP! and volunteers were at KSAN 2011 festival, Sahid Hotel

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