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Legend: Part 1 of Happy Ending Story

(13.42 – 7 feb 2011)

Hi dears,

Long time no posting here. I miss you and writing here. Hehe

Some days, I took my holiday to go to my native town. I had some plans to do when I went to my native town with my friends and especially him. Starting from Gumarang train, Pasar senen Station, centre of Jakarta, I went to Pasar Turi Station, Surabaya. He promised me to pick me up at Pasar turi Station, and he really done it. We had a plan to go around Surabaya and doing culinary tour. But, before all of this was done, he made me so melting with his guitar playing and the words of his love for me. He said that he was falling in love with me and wanted me to be his girl. He made the true composition of words and arrangement especially for me. And we were telling the history of us since 7 years ago. The day was running so fast, and we had to go around to Surabaya and went back to Malang together.

Full filling with Tunjungan Noodles and Zangrandi Ice cream, and then looking around at Suramadu Bridge and doing some shouting loudly at the centre of Suramadu bridge, we went to Malang by bus at 7 p.m.. We sat on the same seat and we enjoyed the trip, the wonder trip.

Welcoming to Malang was being a waiting moment. Day of the day was running, and it`s time to looking around at Malang city, my lovely native town.

Firstly About our parents, they have known our relationship for each other. Our big families supported our relationship for always, InsyaAllah. =))

Big family of his in gathering

at the great garden of Bu`u`s

Secondly, my dormitory friends were in Malang and enjoyed this town. I also played around with my schoolmates, my family and my boy at some parks and culinary in Malang. Jatim park, Batu Night Spectacular, Pulosari culinary (roasted corn and fried duck – bebek goreng), Tlogomas park, roasted meatball at pahlawan trip street, Mocca ice at Es teller 77 dempo, Loving Hut (Vegetarian food), Soto Ayam di Pasar Besar Malang, etc.

me on mystyle

my great family

my great family at Loving Hut, vegetarian food

me, cita, nika, nabil, sapi were at Jatim Park

Thirdly, everything was going so well. I was wonder with all of moments, especially some unpredictable moments between me and him. I love this holiday so much. And for me and him, we are the legend, for always. :smileshugsandkisses:

to be continued...

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hahaha ternyata ate budal, poto2 disik mbak wkwkw

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yaiyalah, biasa sok narsis gitu biar afdol. haha

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