Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

Secret Zoo - Jatimpark 2 Malang

May be this is so late to share my happy puppy moment with my family and my special one, Kresno. Yaa, last month ago, I went to Jatimpark 2, its means that I got the package tour: at Secret Zoo and Satwa Museum. Secret Zoo is a modern zoo at Malang, East Java. The Modern Zoo which is like no other Zoo, More Attractive, more Stuff on it, and for you who seeking about Animal Knowledge will satisfied.

This is Kresnoku and I :*

My  Sister in law and I

This is My Lovely Mom and I

This is my family and Kresno
we are in the giant bird cage

just pose like a putri duyung, haha

I am playing  music percussion
The swans and I
watch out, there is a big buffalo near you, haha
Just candid the moment
feels like a Japanese
at satwa museum, just feels like in Korea
I'm a killer pirate, hehe
lovely mama, my sister in-law, and I
we walk together :)

May be this is a part of narcissism. Haha. But I think this is a part of moments to show to the world that my family and kresno got closer :*

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Julisa Pratiwi mengatakan...

AAAAAAAH.... jadi pengen ke malang. will do super soon :)

K E M A Y U mengatakan...

Iyaa kak, ayoo ke malang, kulinernya enak enak juga loooo
nanti aku posting deh tempat2 enak buat makan di malang, hehe

Puput mengatakan...

nice pics. looks soo much fun


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