Rabu, 16 Juni 2010


hai dear!
i am so busy nowdays so i`m sorry, i couldn`t post everything about my experience last day,
but, someday my dance group and I were invited by Sulis, a religion singer to be a background dancer in her concert at Istora senayan, June 15th 2010
my feeling was so happy =D)
me and Sulis

i have a dance group in Paramadina University


At night at the same day, I attended to IDF IKJ (Indionesia Dance Festival at IKJ, Jakarta)
with Dila and miss Shafa
great event, great choreographer, great dancer,
this is some photos, but i`m sorry, my HP camera is bad quality.

choreographer: contact gonzo (Japan), Asri Mery Widowati (IKJ Dance Company/Indonesia), Siti Ajeng Soelaiman, Andara Firman Moeis, Fitry Setyaningsih (Indonesia).

FullDay, GreatDay, GreatExperience, GreatDiscussion, GreatEverything...

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Puput Nopitasari mengatakan...

It's nice seeing you and reading your post again.
all of you are beautiful with the blue dress.

K E M A Y U mengatakan...

puput: thank yaa, it is nice comment.

dv mengatakan...

wiw..nice ^^
sukses yaa :)

K E M A Y U mengatakan...

makasih devi,

Wulandari mengatakan...

Aww..Beautiful of you,you have a big eyes ^^. I just wondering what kind dance that you performed?

K E M A Y U mengatakan...

wulandari: thanks dear! haha, I love dance, contemphorer, hip hop, traditional, i like all.
just information, we, my Paramadina dance group have an event, International Dance Festival at Poland next August, give us spirit! we exercise everyday for the best performance. xoxo

aishi lely mengatakan...

aihhh...baru tau.... semoga menang yah pas agustus nti^^

K E M A Y U mengatakan...

aishi lely: thank you dearr =)
cia you!

missbaki mengatakan...

nyiit2.. sukses yaa.
senang sekali melihatmu terus berekspresi =D


kristiyana shinta mengatakan...

whooww cool,,you are a dancer,,, :)
love your make up too

K E M A Y U mengatakan...

miss baki: haha, ganbate sroy! kibarkan ekspresimu.

kristiyana shinta: hehehe, that`s my premier make up doing by myself, haha

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