Minggu, 16 Januari 2011

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theme of the day:

Wanna Get married SOON!

so interesting i think when the girls talk about married. Actually, women issues was talking about carrier, woman its self, wife and mother has been top issues in this time. Moly said that "rejeki pasti dateng sendiri pas udah nikah, Nyit!", yaa i believe it. Our dreams could be reached after we got married, we could synchronize the dreams be a substance that need a support by each other to make a goal. Aahhh...through life together with someone who loved for always will be something more interesting than anythings. Impatiently waiting the time! :p

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relax.after.hour mengatakan...

oh my dear...betapa mulianya dirimu yang mau menikah dan menyederhanakan mimpi2 dalam kompromi pernikahan :D
luck to you, emma :D

K E M A Y U mengatakan...

luck to you too bundoo

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