Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011

I dont care about anything, I have shown them the best of mine :)

today was so exciting. All of T-ta Paramadina members team attended to the Audition for France Festival, July 28th - August 18th 2011. (wow!! O_0) When i received the message from T-ta that will held the audition for France festival, i was soo excited.. I want to shout loudly, so loudly. I want to follow this culture mission.

today, January 15th 2011 was the historic day for us. We fought and pray together for the best result. The audition requirement was such as CV, essay about what the motivation join in the audition, and performing art, playing music or dancing. oiyaa.. before performing, we should be completing the interview session yet. and waiting the game was so boring time. Almost all of the participants was so nervous.
show the video which recording the moment while we were so nervous..

Interview session has been through, and time to show off. while I was on perform session, the surprising thing was asked by them, panel, was they asked to me to make a dance which was containing from four dances, zapin, betawi, kalimantan, rantak. how? up to me. OK! let show it!
and because i did not get the permit from panel to record my performance, i record Dilla`s experience while she went out from the test room. this is the video..(just click!) hehe

and all has covered, I have shown the best of mine, and just wishing to God in order to gave me the best. amin. *kacau ah b.ingnya..hehe

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